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Candidates with Special Needs

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Posted: Sat May 06, 2006 11:04 am    Post subject: Candidates with Special Needs Reply with quote

What help is available?

Test centres make every effort to cater for candidates with special needs, to enable them to best understand questions and tasks and give their answers. It is our aim for the language level of all candidates to be assessed fairly and objectively. Requests concerning candidates special needs should be addressed to the local centre as much in advance of the test administration as possible and should be supported by appropriate medical certificates. The test centre needs time to discuss any special arrangements with Cambridge ESOL. Each case is considered individually. Please note that at least 6 weeks notice is required if a modified version of IELTS is required (eg: Braille or Hearingimpaired versions), and preferred for all other applications made for candidates with special needs.

Candidates with visual difficulties

Candidates with visual difficulties may apply for a range of provisions, including enlarged print, and brailled question papers. Answers may be recorded in a variety of ways, eg. via an amanuensis, or using a braille machine or word-processor, and extra time may be allowed. A version of the Listening Module is also available for candidates with visual difficulties.

Candidates with hearing difficulties

If candidates suffer from partial hearing loss and can hear with the help of headphones or special amplification equipment they may ask for permission to use this type of equipment when taking the Listening module. A lip-reading version of the Listening Module is also available in which the supervisor reads the listening texts to the candidate. If candidates have severe hearing difficulties and the special arrangements described above are not sufficient, for example if they are unable to lip-read, they then can apply for exemption from the Speaking and/or Listening Modules. In this case, their Test Report Form will have the following statement printed on it: Due to extreme speaking and/or hearing difficulties this candidate was exempt from taking the Speaking and/or Listening Modules and the overall band score reflects this. The overall band score will not include any credit for skills that the candidate has not been able to demonstrate through being granted an exemption. NB: Candidates must apply for exemption before taking the IELTS test.

Candidates with Specific Learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia)

If candidates have dyslexia or another specific learning difficulty, they may need extra time to complete a paper. This might be necessary if, for example, it takes candidates a long time to read the questions or write their answers. They may normally apply for up to 30 minutes extra time for completion of the Reading and Writing Modules. Candidates with Specific Learning Difficulties may also apply to write their answers using a typewriter or word-processor, if they normally write this way. If permission is given for them to use a word-processor, it must not have an active spellcheck or thesaurus facility. Please note that the IELTS Administrator may not be able to provide facilities for word-processing (including the use of computers or software). Candidates should discuss their needs with their IELTS Administrator.

What if a candidate becomes ill during the test?

If a candidate is genuinely ill during the test it should be brought to the attention of the test supervisor. It is not possible to give special consideration to candidates who do not report their illness on the day of the test.

What happens if a candidate wants to postpone or cancel their entry?

Candidates who request a postponement or cancellation of their test within 5 weeks of the test date will normally be charged the full fee unless they are able to provide appropriate medical evidence to support their request. Medical evidence must be provided within 5 days of the test date.

What happens if a candidate is absent on the day of the test without giving prior notice?

The candidate will normally lose their full test fee unless they are able to provide appropriate medical evidence to the centre to explain their absence. Medical evidence must be provided within 5 days of the test date.
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