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Changes to GRE General Test from October 2006

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Author Changes to GRE General Test from October 2006

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Posted: Sat May 06, 2006 10:52 am    Post subject: Changes to GRE General Test from October 2006 Reply with quote

Summary & Overview of Changes

The new GRE General Test will be slightly over four hours long, an increase from the current two-and-a-half-hour exam. It will also no longer be offered in a computer-adaptive format, where the difficulty of the test is determined by the test takers right or wrong answers. Instead, it will be offered in a linear format, in which every student takes the same exam.

Changes to the Verbal Reasoning measure include:

1. two 40-minute sections rather than one 30-minute section
2. greater emphasis on higher cognitive skills and less dependence on vocabulary
3. a broader selection of reading passages including sentence-equivalence questions
4. expansion of computer-enabled tasks

Changes to the Quantitative Reasoning measure include:

1. two 40-minute sections rather than one 45-minute section
2. fewer geometry questions
3. more real-life scenarios and data interpretation questions
4. on-screen, four-function calculator with square-root feature

Changes to the Analytical Writing measure include:

1. 15 minutes shorter
2. more focused questions to ensure original analytical writing
3. 30-minute argument and issue tasks

Each test will also contain a variable section that will not count toward a test takers score but will be used to select questions for future versions of the exam.

Testing Center Rules and Regulations

The test will be given on the day and at the time scheduled.

Test takers will be assigned seats.

Testing aids are not permitted in the testing room. These include but are not limited to beepers, pens, calculators, watch calculators, books, pamphlets, rulers, highlighter pens, stereos or radios with headphones, cellular phones, watch alarms (including those with flashing lights or alarm sounds), dictionaries, translators, any electronic or photographic devices or keyboards.

You may not eat, drink, or use tobacco during the test.

Dress in a way that you can adapt to any room temperature.

ID verification at the test center may include thumb printing, photographing, videotaping, or another form of electronic ID confirmation. This does not replace the photo ID requirements.

If you requested and received an authorization voucher from ETS, you must take it with you to the test center.

On occasion, technical problems may require late starts and/or rescheduling of your test.

You will be asked to complete a confidentiality statement at the test center. If you do not sign the statement, you cannot test and your fees will NOT be refunded.

Other than ID, personal items are not allowed in the testing room. Before the test, you will be told where you can deposit such items as telephones, pagers, handbags, and the like.

Test centers do not have large waiting areas. Friends or relatives who accompany you to the test center will not be permitted to wait in the test center or contact you while you are taking the test.

The administrator will provide you with scratch paper that may be replaced as needed during testing. You may not take your own scratch paper to the test, nor may you remove scratch paper from the testing room at any time.

There will be an optional 10-minute break after section 2 of the testing session. If you need to leave your seat at any other time, raise your hand; timing of the section will not stop.

The time permitted for a break may not be exceeded.

If at any time during the test you believe you have a problem with your computer, or need the administrator for any reason, raise your hand to notify the administrator.

Grounds for Dismissal

The test center administrator/supervisor is authorized to dismiss you from a test session for attempting to take the test for someone else; failure to provide acceptable identification; creating a disturbance; giving or receiving unauthorized help; eating or drinking during the test; using notes, books, calculators, wristwatch calculators, digital assistants, or other aids; attempting to remove scratch paper from the computer-based testing room, exceeding time permitted for a scheduled break; attempting to tamper with the operation of the computer; attempting to remove from the test room test questions in any format or any notes relating to the test on paper or in any electronic form.

Failure to comply with the test administrator/supervisor's directions can result in the cancellation of your test. If this should be necessary, your scores will not be reported, and your fees will not be refunded.


Although tests are administered under strict supervision and security measures, testing irregularities may sometimes occur. Please contact us as soon as possible to report any behavior or suspicion of cheating, e.g., someone receiving assistance or copying from another test taker, taking a test for someone else, having access to test questions before the exam, or using notes or unauthorized aids. All information will be held strictly confidential. Call 1-800-353-8570 (U.S. only), Fax 609-406-9709 or send a e-mail to
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