Polk Audio Atrium 45 All-Weather Speakers

Want to take great Polk Audio speaker sound outdoors? Check out the indoor/outdoor 80-watt Atrium 45s. The stainless steel and brass hardware is completely rustproof, as are the aluminum brackets that allow multiple mounting options and full 90-degree rotation: aim them to deliver the best possible sound in a variety of locations. The rustproof aluminum grilles have 55 percent open area for superior sound quality. Most importantly, the Atrium 45s rugged, weatherproof, design meets or exceeds several military specifications for water, wind, salt, and corrosion.

Inside the completely sealed enclosure is a 4.5-inch Dynamic Balance mineral-filled polymer driver with butyl rubber suspension for pumping out amazing bass, while its .75-inch soft dome tweeter with neodymium magnet broadly distributes high frequencies to cover a large area with high fidelity sound. Polk’s Dynamic Balance technology produces flat frequency response, sharp detail, transparency and an ability to play program material with wide dynamic range at life-like volume levels without a hint of strain. The sound is always clean, clear, and effortless. The sculpted front baffle and rounded enclosure minimizes diffraction (sound reflecting off of hard edges) for more open and lifelike imaging.

Connect them to an amplifier or receiver using the set’s gold-plated five-way speaker-level binding posts. The Atrium 45s are also voice-matched to Polk’s RTi speakers, and therefore make great surrounds in a complete Polk home theater system with the ability to handle up to 80 watts per channel.

What’s in the Box

Pair, Atrium 45 speakers (black), mounting brackets, manual, 2-year parts and labor warranty.

Product Details

Pair of all weather outdoor speakers with mounting brackets
4.5-inch long-throw polymer cone driver with butyl rubber suspension
Built-in bracket allows multiple mounting options and full 90-degree rotation
Handles up to 80 watts per channel
Gold plated 5-way binding post speaker-level inputsVideo ReviewsNo video reviews found for this product.

Customer Reviews

Surprisingly good speakers for an outdoor space

I bought a pair of these a couple of years ago from Crutchfield for just under $200. We had a back porch with outdoor fireplace built onto the house and wanted to have music without having to use a portable stereo boombox. I had some unused stereo equipment available so I ran some long lengths of speaker cable from the den to the roof beam of the porch. I started out trying to utilize a pair of small bookshelf speakers I had on hand but they sounded dreadful out there. I went shopping for some “made-for-the-outside” speakers and the Polks looked like they would fit the bill.

I wasn’t expecting much from these speakers, in all honesty. Trying to get good sound in such an open place was not something I thought to be possible. I was wrong.
These are great little speakers and they put out a lot of sound for their size. The backyard in a city residential area is not the place to listen to the dynamic range in symphonies or operas, but popular music comes across extremely well. Despite the small woofer, there’s a good deal of bass reproduction here. For more bass, Polk makes some larger outdoor speakers but the 45’s are less obtrusive than larger speakers would be for my application.

I have the speakers mounted under the shelter of the porch roof so I can’t comment on how weather-proof they are for the long run. They have survived two years of some record high temperatures, some below-freezing temperatures and a lot of extreme humidity without a problem. If you mount them in the sun and the rain and the snow, I’m sure they will have a shorter life.
I highly recommend these speakers if you have an outdoor-living space where you would like to listen to music.

Polk Outdoor Speakers

Review Date: April 1, 2007Reviewer: H. Lopez, United States

I installed my Polk Speakers this afternoon in my patio. I could not be more pleased as they have an exceptional tone. The sound coming out of these speakers is just awesome. I started playing some music, turned up the volume and the wife asked me to dance. Geez….
So guys, get ready to shake a leg after you install these babies.
I’m glad to have made this choice!