How to move in with your girlfriend??

Moving in with your significant other might seem like an impossible task, but don’t worry. Thousands of couples have been through that. Together with, we collected the wisdom and experience of other couples who dealt with the same problem.

What could go wrong when moving in together? Although moving in with your girlfriend is an important step, and you know this person close enough to count her as your soulmate, you are still different people. Some things may be shocking and funny. Everyone was brought up in different, unfamiliar households and developed quirks and strange habits throughout their lives. So what should you do to avoid this clash of clans?

1. Mark your territory

Because you got used to meeting for a night or two and return to your separate dens, it’s best to preserve that habit of staying apart for some time. Choose your favorite nook where you can retreat in case of a fight or cuteness overload. If your girl likes to sit on the sofa, choose a kitchen or a bedroom to be your fortress. It’s all about the balance of intimacy and freedom.

2. Check your finances

Another topic couples don’t want to touch upon is money. Most young people think it’s surface-level and redundant to discuss your finances like a married couple. In reality, you avoid thousands of mistakes and quarrels in the future by defining your roles. Who gets to pay for what? Do you split the rent? Who pays the water and electricity bill? Which partner buys groceries, and who gets to purchase household chemicals? Ideally, dividing your spendings should happen before moving in.

3. Move when you are ready

Moving in shouldn’t be a forced step. Instead, both of you should equally want to live together, not because it seems logical, but because you feel secure enough to settle as a couple. Moving in doesn’t need to be your remedy for quarrels and misunderstandings. If you fight over the smallest things, you need to understand that living together won’t fix the issue because now it’s more “serious.”

4. Discuss your schedules

Some couples consist of late sleepers and morning joggers. If you go to bed past midnight and your girlfriend wakes up at 5 a.m. to walk the dog, you might have some minor or major domestic fights. If both of you go to work, schedule your showers so that no one waits aggravated in the morning.

5. Don’t bring bad memories into a new flat/house

If you decided to unite your hearts and move in with your girlfriends, leave all the past reminders in your bachelor crib. These include gifts from your exes and corny pajamas your momma bought you. Try to step on a new level by buying nicer things as a couple and setting up things that will please both of you.

6. Always search for compromise

If you want to install a treadmill somewhere, your girl wanted to put a vanity, opt for something both of you like. Unless you are the same person and your thoughts on curtains and kettles coincide 100%, you will learn how to compromise. Please don’t fight over objects in your house because it is not worth it in the long run.

7. Set a cooking and cleaning schedule

A happy couple always divides their household chores equally. If your girlfriend cooks meals, at least try to do the dishes or load a washing machine. It’s easy to keep track of your cleanliness when both people are equally involved in making a house a better place.

8. Think about a pastime

Paradoxically, couples seaze to have quality time when they move in. The majority of them admit routine is eating their tandem alive. Staying in one bed and watching Netflix doesn’t mean you are getting closer. Mix that with going to movies, wining and dining, and being outside more.