How to Survive a Car Accident?

In just five months, more than three thousand people died in the US, another twenty thousand were injured. A total of 90 thousand accidents occurred.

The most common cause of deaths on the road is speeding. Taxi drivers make up the majority of victims of car accidents. Accidents involving them are recorded in the US almost every day. Today we’ve tried to figure out how to survive a car accident.

The car configuration is very important, sure, the experience of a taxi driver is paramount, but the most common reason why car accidents happen in the first place is that people refuse to wear seat belts.

We’ve had a discussion with a taxi driver by the name of Carlos. Carlos has been working as a taxi driver for four years. He says that he is personally responsible for the safety of passengers, therefore he always asks them to wear a seat belt.

"I always tell them that, while fast rides are great and all, to feel the wind in your hair is great, but if you want to live another day – wear your seat belt. Besides, you can drive whichever way you like, just not in my cab.”

However, while Carlos is a professional and ensures the safety of his passengers, it seems like a lot of taxi drivers don’t even have a license.

The reason for that is as old as time, driving a car seems like a very easy thing to a lot of young people without higher education and immigrants. However, as the practice shows, you need a lot more than just desire to drive a car and be good at it. Especially when it comes to the big urban cities.

To reduce the risk of injuries during an accident, passengers should choose the right seat in the cabin. In no case should you sit next to the driver, this is the worst spot in the car.

In the event of a likely collision, the driver will do everything possible to ensure that the trajectory of the blow passes them. Thus, a driver puts the right front side of the car under the blow, and it is not always possible to make the right decision in the event of a collision.

The safest place is in the back seat, around the middle.

This is the safest place in the car, but no one really sits in this way, they usually sit diagonally from the driver, which makes it a bit risky, as the right side of the car is more dangerous in general, that is, if the wheel is on the left. Another great spot in a car is to sit behind the driver. 

But, even if your trip with single young girl is quite short and you want to make yourself comfortable, you have to wear the seat belt.

This is not a secret that Americans usually ignore this simple lifesaving device for one reason or another. Seat belts could save hundreds of lives each and every day in such accidents. But according to statistics, almost 60% of drivers in the US never buckle up. They say that laziness plays the key role here, that it makes it difficult to quickly get out of the car, and that it is supposedly "optional" in the first place. Experts advise raising fines and make the laws stricter when it comes to passenger’s safety.