Should You Get a New or Used Car?

Which car to buy?

Today, the automotive market amazes everyone with its abundance, and the question of how to choose a car becomes so relevant that it is discussed both at home and at work. Many people prefer to get a new car, while others think about how to choose a used car. The advantages of the first case include reliability and the availability of a warranty. But their cost is quite high, and many turn their attention to used cars. It should be remembered that having bought a car for a certain amount, in a couple of years it will cost 20-30 percent cheaper, and over the years, its price will fall even lower. Therefore, if you want to operate a vehicle for a long time – get a new car.

How to choose a car?

But for those who want to change their cars more often, it is better to think about how to choose a used car. Never think of buying a car with a huge millage. Especially if it once belonged to the category of prestigious cars. Its maintenance and repair will be very expensive. According to statistics, people, when choosing a car for purchase, are guided by the size of their annual salary. But, at the same time, they do not take into account the cost of its operation. And, before choosing which car to buy, consider all of the pros and cons of the need for a car and start choosing.

First of all, you need to pay attention to fuel consumption, and then be sure to ask about the cost of insurance. After all, often, when buying a car, people do not think that the monthly costs of its maintenance may be quite high, and further resale will create irreparable losses in the family budget. Therefore, before choosing a car, you need to determine the approximate price of its maintenance.

Which car to buy?

Here are some other important issues that must be resolved before choosing a car. In what conditions it will be operated, how many people will be transported in it at the same time and on what roads the car will move? If the car will be operated in urban conditions, then in terms of parking, maneuverability, and low operating costs, it is better to choose a small car. For a large family that will travel through the country, it is better to think about how to choose a car in the segment of hatchbacks or station wagons, and, if you can financially handle it, then it is worth paying attention to off-road vehicles. Moreover, among the latter category, it is very easy to choose a comfortable and roomy car. But it is worth remembering that among SUVs there are models whose maintenance is very expensive.

Among motorists, car prestige is very important. Therefore, when thinking about which car to buy, many do not even consider the options that are offered by South Korean and Chinese manufacturers. European and Japanese brands are a lot more prestigious, and many motorists know that the most popular of models can be resold in the future. When thinking about how to choose a used car, you should pay attention to what it’s inside of it. More powerful engines directly affect the price of a used car, but the maintenance of such cars will be much higher than of similar models, but with more modest engines. Those who do not drive more than 50 thousand kilometers in a year can give preference to a diesel engine. And before choosing a used car, you need to pay attention to those cars that have at least a minimum set of additional options. And you do not need to pay attention to the words of all the salesmen you will encounter, they don’t have your best interests in mind, they just want to sell you a product.